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April 11, 2010


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Jane Barton

I got sooooo much from your teaching on Sunday - THANK YOU for listening to God and waiting to hear Him - and being obedient to what He tells you to do & say...

I'm trying to find your sermon notes on Major Applewhite - and can't find 'em!!! Can you please share them with me????!!!

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! :) See you @ baseball! :)


David Mardis

My wife and I are just starting to attend Park Chapel and we truely like it. We really liked today's sermon. Your are truely a gifted pastor. I loved the way you taught us real Bilical teaching in an upbeat and humorous way. We look forward to continuing to get to know Park Chapel and make it our church. I attended Christen Theological Seminary to become a counseler I since that time I have not been able to find a church that provided strong Biblical teaching similar to what I leaned in Seminary.
God Bless YOu

Dave Mardis

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